Shared Customer Service Center – Essay Sample

Describe an implementation strategy that would guarantee the support of the divisional presidents for the shared customer service center.

All divisional presidents should be consulted to find about their concerns, the challenges faced by their divisions, and what they expect company-wide IT initiative to result in. RR Communications’ Executive VP of IT, Vince Patton can improve the prospects of divisional presidents’ cooperation by addressing their concerns, removing their misunderstandings, and explaining how companywide IT initiative will not only benefit the company but the divisions as well. He could specifically inform the divisional presidents of the benefits he expects the divisions to get. By involving divisional presidents in the planning process, he will improve the prospects of their cooperation and support.

In addition, Vince may also work with the company’s founder, Mr. Ross Roman to devise an incentive plan that will reward the divisions for improvement in operational efficiency as a result of new IT strategy and will distribute a portion of the cost savings to the divisional presidents and the personnel. Vince may also create a performance matrix which will make it easy to measure the service aspect of divisional performance such as customer satisfaction rate, speed of service, and customers’ retention rates and link these with the compensation policies.

The company may also allocate some of the expected savings from the closing of multiple service centers to the divisions which they will be free to use as they see fit. The divisional presidents may be made members of the central IT committee so they feel they are part of the overall process and are contributing towards the overall strategy. In addition, Vince may also send update memos from time to time so divisional presidents are not only aware of the progress but will also be better prepared for the potential challenges ahead.      

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