College Students Should Stay in School – Essay Sample

College students are the leaders of tomorrow and the very individuals that the United States will rely on to continue to uphold the foundation of this country.  Due to a struggling economy, however, college students are being forced to make a decision between staying in school and accepting alternative methods to make a living, such as finding a job or entering into the military.  Education is highly important to receive additional benefits in your career and to build a strong base for a family, but many students are choosing to put the idea of college on hold while they save the thousands of dollars it costs to pay for a college education.  College students absolutely must stay in school because they will receive far greater economic benefits in the long run, they will receive very strong financial aid options to pay for school, and finishing an education is much easier when doing it all at one time.

The first important point that college students need to understand is that the economy will not always be as poor as it is right now.  Today, it is difficult for all people, including college graduates, to find a job and earn a decent living.  Many students believe that their best option would be to withdraw from college for a brief period of time and enter the workforce or the military.  The military’s financial benefits are very appealing to young adults when they consider loan forgiveness programs and tuition reimbursement.  The appeals of the military look great to college students that still believe that nothing bad can happen to them, but the reality of the dangers that young people face while serving abroad are very costly.

Many college students still have their parents to help support them financially while they are earning their undergraduate degrees.  Yet, many parents have a knack for continuing to hold their financial support over their children and demand certain favors or actions from them.  These behaviors can be associated with doing chores at home, coming home to visit quite often, or calling their parents quite often to stay in touch.  These requests appear to be very simple, but college students have problems handling the everyday college lifestyle of classes, studying, parties, and making or hanging out with friends that it can be very difficult for them to follow through with their parents’ requests.  Many college students feel that they are mature enough and on their own at college that they should not have to do chores when they come home to visit.  These simple daily frustrations lead many college students to believe that they must find an alternative solution to get the parents’ finances out of the equation.  Many parents even require that their children pay for all or part of their college tuition, books and fees in order for them to learn how to support themselves in the long run.  These family financial battles make it very difficult for a college student, and the students begin to look for the easy way out.  Usually, this means dropping out of school to get a job or entering into the military.

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