American Association of Cancer Research – Essay Sample

American Association of Cancer Research is the world’s biggest specialized institution devoted to advancing cancer studies. The oldest cancer association in the world, it has by now existed for more than a century. AACR is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is primarily concerned with all phases of disease research, such as the origins, diagnosis, cure and prevention of cancer.

AACR was established in 1907 by an assembly of eleven physicians and scientists, including famous pathologist Dr. James Ewing, inventor of Ewing’s Sarcoma. United by a genuine concern for a fast growing field of cancer studies, their major intention had become to promote the research, increase and disseminate the knowledge of cancer. Devoted to own commitment to face the challenges associated with daring undertaking, the founding members held the first AACR Annual Meeting just six months after the initial gathering, on November, 1907, in New York City.

Due to the strong leadership, creativity and resourcefulness of its founding members, AACR’s number of associates has been expanding rapidly, continuing to increase exponentially as well as geographically. These days, organization has a membership of almost “28,000 basic, translational and clinical cancer researchers in 80 countries” (AACR). Starting in 1916, AACR has been publishing a journal dedicated to cancer latest researches and findings. Nowadays, “Cancer Research” is the most often cited cancer journal in the universe.

In 1999 AACR developed a Scientist-Survivor Program, which was designed to connect and provide communication channels for researchers, patients and survivor advocates. Presently this pioneering program of affiliation is instructing AACR scientist members about the significant concerns of cancer survivors, and, moreover, supplies their advocates with fresh information about disease research – data, which they necessitate to proceed with the national dialogue on cancer.

“The mission of the AACR is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration” (AACR). By initiating innovative programs and providing worldwide assistance, the organization promotes research in cancer and associated biomedical science; encourages the distribution of new research discoveries among scientists and others committed to the fight against cancer; promotes science tuition and guidance; fosters the increasing awareness and comprehension of cancer prevention, diagnosis, etiology and treatment all over the world.

AACR is primarily focused on conducting and encouraging as much cancer research as possible. Cancer is not just some single type of disease; it takes in a compound collection of approximately two hundred different kinds of illnesses. In the U.S., as well as throughout the world, thousands of scientists in laboratories and clinics, universities, medical centers, government and industry, are struggling not only to conquer this problem, but also to avoid it (AACR). To be able to fight the cancer radically and uproot the disease at its very germinating, one has to know the enemy by sight. That is why AACR is striving to serve as a source of reliable data about progresses made in the studies of origins, diagnosis, cure and avoidance of cancer. The Association does its best to encourage the increase and dissemination of new knowledge about cancer.
AACR is well-known for its reputation as a scientifically advanced and outstanding health care activist. Its name catches the attention of the leading scientists in the field. Not only does the organization focus on research conducting, but also creates opportunities for the interchange of knowledge and original ideas among researchers dedicated to cancer conquer, fosters training prospects for the next generation of specialized scientists, and contributes to advancing public knowledge of cancer.

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