Earth – Essay Sample

On first landing, this planet is very hard to describe.  Water is the first thing you notice; it seems to cover most of the surface.  There are land masses, however, and of random shapes and sizes.  Moreover, these areas of land are structured in varying ways, both compared to the others and even within themselves.  The islands at the polar regions, for instance, could be land or ice; it is impossible to tell by appearances.  Towards the center of the planet, the areas of land reveal both extended flat lands and high mountain regions. Based on appearances, this is a planet still undergoing massive shifts on the surface from core activity. What is especially striking is that, the warmer the land and water areas are, the more life appears to be present. The zones belting the entire planet are both extremely warm, colorful, wet, and filled with an incredible number of different life forms.

The planet does not at all reflect the other worlds around it in this solar system.  That is, there is a resemblance to the few other planets in the general location, nearer to the star, in that it is small and rocky.  It is completely removed by type from the much larger, gaseous planets farther out, as well as the barren objects, or planetoids, circling the star at the farthest point away from the star.  The most obvious difference between this planet and all of the others, however, is the activity on the surface.  At least one specious is a building one, with the biggest clusters occupying places where the water and land meet.  It seems that all of this living must be due to a special kind of atmosphere that permits these creatures to exist, or that they have learned to adapt to.  This atmosphere is both violent and calm, as is the surface of the planet, but it appears that the violence does not eliminate the life.

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