Personality and Behavior – Essay Sample

Each individual develops a specific and ultimately unique personality that encompasses the person’s upbringing throughout childhood.  These personalities produce many different behaviors as options for how to act and react to any given set of situations.  To examine the differences between two individuals, this paper seeks to examine the answers provide to basic interview questions for the interviewer and the interviewee.  Each individual is similar in age and economic background; therefore, their responses can generate a keen insight into the personality and behavior similarities and differences based on very specific questions.

The first question that was asked to each individual was if the person remembers information more accurately if he/she observes the behavior being performed or if he/she prefers to read how the behavior is performed.  The interviewee provided this answer: “I am more of a visual person. If I can see it being performed I retain it easier. Reading is more audible not visual and I am more of a hands on person.”  On the other hand, the interviewer responded by stating that information is easier to be retained when “I see it performed rather than just reading it. When I read something like instructions it takes much longer for me to understand it and sometimes I have to read it multiple times before I can comprehend what they are telling me, but once I see it performed I can copy the actions quickly and normally with no problem.”  These responses clearly show a difference in each respondent’s preference for observing or reading about new behaviors.  Both individuals have a preference towards seeing a behavior performed rather than reading about it.

Meanwhile, the second question asked whether the individual prefers studying in a library, or at home where there are background noises and some distractions.  The interviewee answered that she was more comfortable at home because it provided a more relaxed environment that was conducive to absorbing information.  Furthermore, he was able to take breaks away from the material at will before returning to studying.  The interviewer provided a similar response stating that home would be the best environment for studying.  “At home I can turn the television or the radio on and turn the volume down real low.  This may distract many people but for me when it gets to quiet even though I am reading my mind will start to wonder, as long as there is background noise it is much easier to keep my mind on track.”  The interviewer also agreed with the interviewee by stating that at home it is easier to relax and take breaks away from the work when necessary.

The third question attempted to examine the result of the Meyer Briggs personality test to determine personality differences between each individual.  For the interviewee results showed that he was 55.56% extroverted.  Between sensing and intuitive, he scored an even 50% for each category.  Finally, he scored 51.16% for feeling and for perceiving as well.  Therefore, her personality type is defined as ESFP or an “entertainer”.  Entertainer personality types radiate attractive warmth and optimism. Their personalities are often smooth, witty, charming and clever.  The individual is also fun to be with and exudes generosity.  Entertainers make up roughly 8.5% of the total population.  In contrast, the interviewer scored a much higher rating for extroverted in a total 62.86%.  Meanwhile, she scored a 64.86% for sensing, 58.97% for feeling and a 51.35% for judging.  Overall, these scores cumulated in a personality rating of ESFJ which is defined as the “seller” personality.  Seller personality types are the most sociable of all personality types.  These individuals are nurturers of harmony and usually act as the outstanding host of hostesses.  In total, these personalities usually make up roughly 12.3% of total population.  While these individuals scored differently in overall personality definition, they shared similar personality traits in sensing, feeling and extroverted traits.

Each individual was asked to comment on whether they felt that the results from the Meyer Briggs test were accurate.  The interviewee believed that these results were a perfect description of his personality.  “I have always been a ladies man as well as the man that other men want to be.  I am comfortable in almost any atmosphere with any group of people; [I am] always the life of the party.”  The interviewer also agreed that the results of the Meyer Briggs test provided an accurate personality description.  “I have always chosen customer service oriented jobs because I enjoy meeting different people daily, it is interesting the things I have learned just from talking to different people.  Harmony is very important in my eyes; when others are not getting along or there is a lot of tension I am very uncomfortable and I will try to lighten up the atmosphere.”  This further enhances the seller personality and suggests that the results for both the interviewee and interviewer were overall correct.  The interviewer also commented that “I am also a very caring person and do what I can to make others happy or help those in need any way I can. I also enjoy being the “hostess”, I like to invite my friends over to dinner and I just love cooking a great dinner and plan movies or games for everyone to play.”  This final remark emphasizes the “host of hostesses” aspect of the seller personality that works to please other individuals through personal actions.


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