Research Paper: Sports can benefit children – Essay Sample

Each parent is responsible for his or her child’s well-being and happiness. By taking the responsibility for bringing up a child, parents also take the responsibility for the future consequences of their actions and educational methods applied. Every single day parents are dealing with the number of problems such as child’s lack of responsibility and discipline, laziness, inability to perform team tasks and lack of communication skills. Health problems are always at hand as well. Surprisingly, solution to all the mentioned problems can be found if all parents recognize and acknowledge the benefits that participating in sports can bring into their children’s lives. In the present paper I will refer to numerous facts and statements that the modern researches present us with, and that prove the significance and usefulness of sports practicing in our everyday life.

Playing sports provide children with more than just physical advantages. Sports normally aid kids to achieve good academic and social performances as well. Nowadays, parents are to realize that children who participate in organized sports perform better in school, develop better communicational skills, and are more team oriented. Moreover, they are normally much healthier than those of their peers who avoid being involved in sport games and similar activities. In fact participation in sports presents the children with the chance for leadership, teaching them how to develop skills necessary for dealing with successes and failures.  By doing sports and participating actively in team games children are provided with socialization so important at the age when personality is in the process of forming.

The significance of physical activity such as team sports is now as undeniable as ever due to the sad statistics telling that nowadays growing numbers of children are getting obese. This statistic is something alarming to hear taking into account the fact that number of overweight adolescents in America has almost tripled in the past 20 years. A number of untimely diseases that children suffer from the early age are the part of contemporary reality. Is it normal that a girl of ten suffers from obesity? Do we really have to accept the situation when an overweight child grows into an obese adult, and eventually suffer from a range of connected illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis? Why not to prevent your one and only child from suffering from problems that can truly spoil his/her future adult life? Look at the seventeen-year boys and girls that have to deal with interiority complexes and constant lack of self-confidence? Are they truly happy? Do they not regret avoiding sport activities in childhood? What would they do now to attain a beautiful, physically fit and healthy body? And while they suffer from consequences of sedentary lifestyle, individuals that participate in team sports burn calories by exercising, being able to both prevent and fight any weight problems that may be current.

Besides bearing physical benefits, participating in team sports is also conductive to mental well-being of the children. Parents should become conscious of the psychological benefits coming from enrolling child into a team sport that he or she takes pleasure in. If asking their children what they expect to gain from playing sports the parents would probably hear something like “To have fun”, “To make new friends/to spent time with old ones”, “To win or accomplish something”. The fact is that besides all this aspects of playing sports, children also enjoy learning and improving their skills, they learn to appreciate being in good physical shape. By participating and succeeding in sports, kids obtain the benefits they seek for. In addition to directing their energy to activities that are fun and useful, they gain what they want so hard and lack so badly: attention and admiration. No need to say, kids have few ways to get respect in everyday life. Sports present the children with opportunities to earn both attention and respect. By exercising their natural abilities, by making use of such indispensable physical aspects of young organism as speed, strength, imagination, coordination, vision, and reaction, children perform well at sports and get the admiration they strive for.

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