Homelessness Trend – Essay Sample

In the contemporary world of fierce competition, when technology sky-rocketed the salaries of millions of people and made our life easier, when business is flourishing and making the wallets thicker, there are still certain people that remain outsiders with no future and no prospects for life.  We see them every day, and they became an eye-sore of the cities, though we refer to them as a common sight of any crowded place or ghetto.  Those people are called homeless, and it is quite self-explanatory.  In many countries homelessness has become a trend, and the US is not an exception.  Though being the top super-power in the world, with the most beneficial economy I can imagine, our country has thousands of homeless people who actually create this ‘trend’.  So let us enhance our knowledge of the situation and see all the results and consequences of the problem.

Let us begin with a clear definition of homelessness trend.  For this we have to identify what is homelessness.  According to Wikipedia “Homelessness refers to the condition and societal category of people who lack fixed housing, usually because they cannot afford a regular, safe, and adequate shelter. “ In other words, those are people with no money, who usually live on government funds, by eating what they can find in the garbage cans, stealing, and leading a gross way of life, which cannot possibly be change due to the fact that most of them have spent too much time in the street and are affected mentally.  Here is some statistics on homeless people in the US: “A total of 98,452 homeless families were counted” (Homelessness Trend), “Fifty -nine percent of the homeless people counted were single adults and 41% were persons living in families” (Homelessness Trend), “Twenty-three percent of homeless people were reported as chronically homeless” (Homelessness Trend), “A number of states had high rates of homelessness, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington. In addition, the rate of homelessness was high in Washington, D.C.” (Homelessness Trend).

As you can see the statistics talks for itself.  Homelessness is a vivid problem, which is caused not only because the life in the US is so tough, but because the government itself provides for those who do nothing but stay in the street.  They are provided with a place to eat, sleep, and even with certain amount of funds, which is too much in my opinion.  People have no motivation to improve their condition, as far as they are given everything they need to be alive and have money in their pockets.  Undoubtedly, there are cases when people have no choice.  There house has been destroyed, or they have lost the bread-winner in the family, or the parents have got to prison and the kid has nowhere to go.  Nonetheless, there is a small percent of these poor people.

The consequences of this vital problem are extremely important to the lives of all people of America, because we face it every day.  Moreover, looking from a financial point of view, the government is loosing millions of dollars to pay benefits to the homeless for them to study or learn a new profession, thus the money is usually spent on other more ‘valuable’ objects like alcohol and drugs.  Why not spend this money on education, medicine, or science?  Why throw them away?  Many homeless people are carriers of diseases which is a formidable threat for the citizens of big cities and especially for kids.

Therefore, I strongly believe that the homelessness trend should be overlooked by our government and studies more precisely, involving all the possible specialists in the field, to make it both financially beneficial and socially correct.


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