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Submarines in Modern Warfare – Essay Sample

In the Litzow article, the focus was on the use of submarines in the early 20th century to destroy merchant fleets as well as enemy ships during war. The strength of any country’s navy included, in part, the use of … Full sample

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Sourcing at MAGIC – Essay Sample

If I was a delegate that was planning to attend the August annual trade show at Sourcing at MAGIC, I would find it extremely challenging to narrow down the vendors I would be able to visit on a given day. … Full sample


Disposable Youth – Essay Sample

There is no future without the success of a nation’s youth, but unfortunately, many young people have been categorized into the group of ‘disposable.’ The phenomenon of disposable youth is a result of government and educational influences as well as … Full sample

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Motorcycle Helmets – Essay Sample

Nearly every state in the U.S. has a law about wearing helmets on a motorcycle. Such laws weren’t passed just to mess up your hairdo; they were passed for extreme safety measures. The dangers of riding a motorcycle without a … Full sample

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How to Have Fun in Las Vegas – Essay Sample

The current ad campaign assures that “What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas,” suggesting that Las Vegas is a place where it is acceptable to have fun “being bad.” Of course, gambling is the first activity that comes … Full sample





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