About BestEssayHelp.com

How It Began

This is a true story. One day, not so long ago, a college student who was buried with assignments asked another student for help with a writing assignment.  His friend agreed to help and the result was a paper that received excellent marks from the instructor. The friend who helped out received a few dollars, the student who was buried was less stressed, and everyone was happy.

That got the writer thinking.  All around him, other students faced similar dilemmas with deadlines looming over them, as they lined up for help at the campus writing center and with school tutors.  There’s a business here, the enterprising writer thought.  I can help a lot of people.

By 2010, BestEssayHelp.com was up and running.  The writer, who understood very well the pressures of academia, soon had assembled a top-flight team of expert writers, and that team was easing the academic burdens of students all over the world.


The founding writer immediately realized that his team had to include only the best writers he could find.  They had to be expert and professional. He wanted a team of superior writers because he was setting up a platform for success for everyone - the writers, the company, and especially, the clients.  He hired only writers who:

  • Were meticulous in their writing;
  • Were willing to custom-write papers from scratch every time;
  • Understood proper formatting: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian among others;
  • Could meet deadlines.

The founder of BestEssayHelp.com knows that great writing means satisfied clients, so the company invests the time and effort to find and hire only the best and greatest writers available.

Equally important is that the support team for the company must provide essential support for both clients and writers.  All aspects of customer support have to be both completely reliable so all support bases are covered - and stay covered. 

Our superb writers and our top-notch support team is why thousands of clients feel confident in turning to BestEssayHelp.com for their writing needs.

How We Operate

BestEssayHelp.com succeeds only through our customers’ successes.  Nothing is recycled, reworked, or plagiarized - ever.  Every paper is written from scratch directly based on each customer’s requirements.  We keep your information secure and never reveal anything about our customers to anyone.  Each paper is assigned to an industry professional committed to helping you get the best possible grade you deserve.  We believe that by making you successful, we assure our own success.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest writing service available anywhere, at a competitive price and using only expert writers.


Our formula for success is simple: We take care of you, our customer, like no one else will, and you then recommend us to your friends.  We believe that by providing you with the finest writing service, you will help us grow our business.

BestEssayHelp.com is your support and a colleague you can count on as you confront the demands of your challenging academic career.