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Remember when the act of writing a resume was a simple task? All you had to do was type up your education and experience in reverse chronological order and put your contact information at the top. You carried a few of them around with you and sent a few out for jobs that caught your attention. Those days are long gone. This has led to an upward trend in people choosing to buy resume help. Wah? Yes, it’s true. Today’s resume is more crucial than ever due to the long-running economic downturn known as the Great Recession and the sad lack of jobs that go along with it. The choice to buy resume is often done to gain a competitive advantage.

What Goes into Today`s Resume?

  • Did you know that different resume formats suit different industries? It’s true.
  • And do you know whether you need to list links to your social media on your resume? The pros who work with you when you buy resume assistance do know. (Tip: list social media if you are applying for a job in the communications field…)
  • Do you know how to scramble your experience and skills so that they would apply to a wide range of opportunities? Transferable skills are what you want to focus on in today’s market.
  • Do you realize that most of the jobs available today didn’t even exist twenty years ago? Staggering reality and something important to know as you reflect on your employment history.

But all of these are just a few tips from a very long list. Recent studies show that there is about one job available for every five job seekers in the United States. The odds are against you… Buy resume? Hmm, that offer is starting to look appealing right about now, yes?! Today’s resume is about focusing on the future, rather than the past. It is about your achievements and skills that are marketable and relevant to your pursuits. It needs to be concise, appealing and remain objective: a tall order indeed. If it all seems too much, consider this option: buy resume. It may just move you to the front of the interview line!