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Making your Points Powerful with a PowerPoint Presentation

The following text is a guide to offer you some PowerPoint presentation help; it will be about a hundred pages. Yes, it is complicated. What, we don’t have space for all that? Okay, then we’ll make it brief, to the point and compelling – which is the exactly what the foundation of any successful PowerPoint presentation needs to be. This series of slides need a story-like format so that it will flow, be easy to follow along with, be memorable and also to compel the people who are watching it.

The best thing about using one of these slideshows is that visuals work so well to get a message across. Since most people are visual, they will easily absorb information fed to them this way.

Word Up

Some people are intimidated by the imagined technical requirements needed to execute a PowerPoint presentation, but keeping it all simple is fine as long as you can grab the watcher’s attention, hold it and get your message across. Start with identifying the audience as noted before and then build a narrative / story / logical sequence of events around what you need to say. You will need a beginning (including an agenda), a middle section (the meat of the matter) and a conclusive ending. Don’t overload the slides, keep them easy to read and understand. Case in point: do you remember the subtitle of this section? See how less is more? If you choose to run on and on with anything (lists, sentences, graphics, bullet points, anything), you will numb the minds of your audience, preventing them from absorbing your message. They will instead be dazed and will glaze over and then nod off for a mid-afternoon nap. Give the highlights and build in the time and space where the audience can process your information.

Every story or presentation needs some little breaks for this processing, and a PowerPoint presentation is no different. Being consistent with colors, fonts, tables, graphics, titles, subtitles and such will allow for a calm to spread over your audience, so they will relax, settle in and be drawn into your series of slides. The most important PowerPoint help we can offer, however, is to use great content that is well-written.

  • Start by asking who your audience is.
  • From there on you need to surmise what will grab their attention and hold them in rapt attention? Once you know this, you are off to a solid start.
  • Now collect all your information and organize it in a clear, straightforward fashion, even if you have little fashion sense.

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