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APA Format Essays

Many students are quite intimated when they are presented with the idea of having to write APA format essays. As there are many different criteria that need to be met with this style of writing along with distinct layout and format, it is often difficult to focus on the topic as well as meet all of the formatting requirements. BestEssayHelp can take these worries away from you and create your APA format essay quickly and efficiently. Being a professional writing and research company, BestEssayHelp can write any type of essay regardless of the complexity of the instructions or tightness of the deadline.

To gain a better understanding of why these essays can be somewhat difficult and time-consuming, it is necessary to understand the process of creating APA format essays. The main principle of an APA essay is to create a work that has logical structure and flow while still meets the formatting guidelines.

One of the common issues associated with APA format essays is referencing. The truth is most writers often forget even the most basic referencing principles. Every quote, paraphrase, summary, and author’s name along with the year must be referenced. Years are to be placed in parenthesis, as well as page numbers. If the quote being used in the work is longer than forty words, it has to be indented five spaces from the margin line and double spaced. No quotation marks are to be used.

APA format essays also have strict guidelines that must be followed when there is more than one author. In this case, the author’s names need to be separated by the word “and” or the ampersand symbol. If there is more than one author, all of the names should be listed the first time they are referenced. Later one, the name of the first author followed by “et al” is sufficient. In the event that the author is not a person but rather an organization or institution, the name should be mentioned in the first citation along with the proper abbreviation. After this citations can just include the abbreviation. There are also times when there may be no author. If this is the case, a reference to the name of the book or publication and the year is sufficient. Multiple sources can also be cited as long as they are separated by means of a semicolon.

Titles and headers should also follow APA standards, and pagination should include the title page at the start, the abstract on the following page, and the main essay starting on the third page. While APA format essays are somewhat complicated, those familiar with the layout can carefully construct a work that meets all guideline standards.

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