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Argumentative Essay Guide! Oh Yes It Is!

No need to be scaredy-pants about writing an argumentative essay - it’s no more complicated than any other essay. Just get organized. The key idea is that you take a strong stand on an issue, clearly show your ‘side’ of the argument, contest the opposing side and cite sources that back up your argument.

Summary of writing an argumentative essay:

  • Use a shocker of an introduction to set up your statement, argument or claim.
  • Offer at least three reasons that back up your argument – add thorough explanations and evidence (references, citations).
  • Use one or two paragraphs for each reason.
  • Offer at least one paragraph that lists the opposing arguments, and then disproves them, smacking them down like a WWF champion.
  • Conclude with restating your claim, your reasons for it, and ending with a grand flourish that will knock your argumentative essay out of the park.


Grab and Hold!

Your introduction has to be really attention grabbing. Consider using a surprising fact, relating a shocking story or saying something outrageous that sets up your opinion. Now it’s time to back up the claim that your argumentative essay is built on. You`ll need at least three solid reasons to back you up. Each of these reasons needs to be fleshed out with details and be cited with trustworthy sources to verify them. Every reason will use one or two paragraphs, depending on required length.

You Devil You!

It`s time to play devil’s advocate. Now is the point in the argumentative essay where you get to talk about the opposing arguments. Set them up and then knock them down. State the arguments counter to your own, examine them, and then refute them. This is the argument part of the argumentative essay; this is the part that will sway your readers away from their opinion and towards yours`. It’s about setting up the counter-arguments, arguing against them and then finding a way to spin them so that the readers come around to your point of view. Citing your sources is needed here too: this evidence will strengthen your paper. Conclude and reaffirm your claim made at the beginning of your argumentative essay. Pull ideas together one more time as a grand sum of why your argument is so darn smart. End on a strong note, perhaps a kicker statistic or thought provoking question that further supports your opinion.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • We are too dependent on Internet.
  • It is impossible to eliminate corruption.
  • We should do a lot more to save the Planet from environmental crisis.
  • Companies should not market to children.
  • Celebrities should not be getting that much spotlight.
  • The importance of sports and healthy eating should be emphasized a lot more.
  • No matter where live takes you, there is always a place you can come home to.
  • Time management skills are essential for entrepreneur business success.
  • Failures are there to teach us a lesson and gain experience.
  • Gambling should be banned.
  • Building a personal brand - a key feature of your resume.
  • Behavioral interviews are more effective than usual ones.
  • Fighting procrastination is challenging but quite effective.
  • Young teenage families are not that long-lasting.
  • Career rush can ruin your personal life.
  • Women are more dependent on money than men are.
  • Coral reefs should be more carefully preserved.
  • The affects of 2008 world financial crisis are still visible.
  • Stock market prices cannot be fairly justified.
  • People should pay more attention to their family safety measures.

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