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BestEssayHelp is a professional writing and research company that will take on any type of writing project you may stumble upon.  With more and more people being stretched thinner than ever before, and quality work falling by the wayside, deciding to make use of a professional writing company for your assessment essay writing makes perfect sense.  By means of providing high quality work, low rates, and quick turnarounds, there is no need to struggle on your own when BestEssayHelp is here to help you out.

An assessment essay is essentially a critical analysis of someone else’s work.  This means that a number of key elements needs to be kept in mind when writing this type of essay.  In order to write your assessment essay properly, the following questions need to be asked and answered:  What is the main point of the work you are critiquing? What points does the author believe are most important one? Is the author effective in using available information when discussing the topic? Is the work well organized? Is there anything that needs to be discussed in more details or explained better?

While keeping these questions in mind, you should get down to the actual reading.  Notes should be taken as you locate items of interest, things that stand out, issues that need more information and anything else that is particularly good or bad.

After the first reading, go back and take some time to really dive into the work.  This is where an assessment essay really gets its meat.  Make careful determinations at this stage, and decide why you had certain reactions, what could have been done to improve the work, and how the author might have presented a better argument.

As soon as you’re done with your assessment, you can get down to the actual essay writing.  The first paragraph should be an introduction.  It is at this point that you will introduce the work in question, and present your theory as to what the rest of your essay will be about. 

From there on the body paragraphs will support your theory.  This should be done by summarizing what the original work was about, and then should dive right into your personal analysis, providing strong evidence to back up your theory or theories.

The last paragraph of your assessment essay should be the conclusion.  This section needs to restate your theory but in a way that is different yet complimentary to your introduction.  You should once again summarize your opinions but refrain from introducing any new ideas or suggestions.

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