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Cause and Effect Essay Writing Help

Weaving the Pattern of the Cause and Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay is a straight-forward paper. It's all about presenting a cause and then detailing the effects of this cause. It is a simple yet elegant weaving of elements. First you need to introduce an event. This could be a trend, a problem, a current phenomenon, an incident or happening, etc. A detailed background on the chosen topic is needed so that the readers can quickly get a solid grasp of the basis of your essay. This is where you lay out the overall design. Once the cause is fully set out and explained, it is time to move on to outlining the effects. The cause and effect essay always needs to thread cause and effect together, to weave them back and forth. So, as you introduce a given effect, link it back to the cause. Knit one, pearl two. It is up to you to show how they are stitched together and this really is the whole point of the paper to help the reader process the connections between the cause and its effects. And here is where we remind you to weave in the strong threads of evidence (citations, references, etc.)

Do not Weave Too Tightly!

In a cause and effect essay you will be listing a few effects, but not all of them! That would be messy. Keep it down to a few major effects (or a few more based on the required length.) Fewer items will keep things more simple and help you put together a more solid paper. Keep each effect clear, concise and separate so that the effects done together, mess up the pattern and confuse the issue. You want a clear and bold pattern, not a diffused pansy one for a stunning cause and effect essay.

Which Frame to Use?

Unless the textile designer has ordered something specific, a standard essay format can be used for the cause and effect essay. The framework can be as simple as the following:

  • Introduce a strong thesis statement (the event, problem, trend or incident) followed by a series of paragraphs that outline each effect you want to present.
  • The conclusion will restate the highlights of your cause and effect essay.

Here is where you have a final chance to point out the major focal points of your paper and give a smooth satiny sheen to your woven work of art.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • What were the causes of the 2008 financial crisis?
  • How does climate change affect biodiversity?
  • Outline the causes of poverty around the world.
  • Describe the effects of coral reefs extinction.
  • What are the common causes of coral reefs dying all over the world?
  • What are the causes of hunger nowadays and how are they related to poverty?
  • The possible effects of poorly conducted genetically modified food research.
  • Causes of the North African unrest?
  • The economic causes of increased world military spending.
  • The political effects of Middle East unrest.
  • What are the common causes of teenage rebellion?
  • What are the effects of teenage illiteracy nowadays?
  • What are the probable causes of the Third World War? Is it likely to start in the new future?
  • What are the environmental effects of the Fukushima power plant reactors’ destruction as a result of March 2011 earthquake and tsunami?
  • What are the common causes of early teenage marriages? Do those often last long?
  • What are the effects of the 2008 financial crisis on national job market nowadays?
  • What are the usual effects of parental divorce on children?
  • What are the common causes of eating disorders among teenagers?
  • What are the likely effects of the USA finally ratifying the Kyoto protocol?
  • How do the on-going military conflicts affect the sphere of international relations nowadays?

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