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The Classification Essay asks “Is it Animal, Mineral or Vegetable?”

Ever wanted to work at a Museum? Well, if your dorm is old, dusty and filled with mysterious items, you may be in luck. The classification essay organizes material into categories or classifications. It is done to help sift and sort, so that people can understand the information more easily because life is big and sloppy and tough to decipher. The first order of business is to choose a way to organize the mass of material that you have in that sky-high pile of research. This ‘organizing principle’ is the way that you are going to sort the data. This is essentially the topic of your classification essay. Your purpose behind why you are writing this essay will offer insight to this. For example, is that lump under your dorm bed considered to be an animal, mineral or vegetable? Stating this purpose will help your audience understand the ‘organizing principle.’ The purpose will also function as the main point for creating the paper, and it’s good to keep it simple.

A classification essay uses the body of the paper to explain each class, provide examples and offer proof. So, the discussion of different types of lumps found under dorm beds would categorize with: animal, mineral, vegetable. For each of these, a definition and example need to be given. Topic: “Types of Lumps Under Dorm Beds.” Subtopics: “animal (insert definition) , mineral (insert definition) , vegetable (insert definition and avoid eating the lump).” Use three subtopics on average. Structure: can present similar data about each sub topic. You’re well on your way to a classification essay that even the Smithsonian would endorse.

As Big as the Wooly Mammoth?

Now it is high time to start moving onto determining your categories; make them the best choices for your needs and make them easy to understand. You will need enough examples, explanations in every category to support your point. Now that you are ready to write your classification essay, you need to employ an organization that makes the data easy to understand. Your thesis, set up in the beginning, needs to come on like the big guns (as in any essay.) This thesis blends together your ‘organizing principle’ as well as the purpose for creating the paper along with the categories being used. Restate it all in the conclusion. If the thing that you’ve been assigned to write about is big as the lost city of Atlantis, you may need to brush up on the classification and division essay, which is in the same vein but divides a large subject before then digging in to classify the data.

Interesting Classification Essay Topics

  • Stock market players.
  • Families by the number of family members.
  • Reefs.
  • Countries of the world.
  • Planets.
  • Possible types of business.
  • Brainstorming techniques.
  • Fighting procrastination.
  • Studying techniques.
  • House loans.
  • Types of sport by the number of team players.
  • Employees.
  • Jeans retailers.
  • School subjects.
  • Resume types.
  • Types of job interviews.
  • World cuisine.
  • Work-out techniques.
  • Fast food chains.
  • Social issues.

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