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Another exciting and worrying phase in a student's life comes during the college admission process. You may be aspiring to join the college of your dreams, but apart from a good grade, you need to have a powerful college application essay that gets you noticed among other able students. Sounds daunting but it's true that writing an application essay, for example, UC application essay (University of California application essay) that conveys your talents, aspiration, motivation, and goal in the right perspective requires excellent panache. Your college application essay is a reflection of who and what you are, therefore, you cannot afford to misinterpret, undermine or create a wrong impression. So if you decide to seek help for your college application essay, look for a writing agency that has been successful in writing these essays. Among the 11000+ customers of BestEssayHelp, an impressive number of them have taken our help and glided to the college of their choice. We possess expertise needed to write outstanding college application essays, with UC application essays being some of the most successful ones.

When our customers entrust us with a scholarship application essay, graduate school application essay, UCF application essay, or FSU application essay, we know that they entrust us with their academic future. We take this responsibility very seriously and do our best to help them achieve their goal. From our team of 100+ highly praised writers, a scholar of your choice gets down to writing your application essay in an interesting manner that enlightens the admissions committee about your personality, objective, charisma, ability, and spirit.

Possible College Application Essay Questions

  • Ask and answer the question that you wish the admission board would ask you.
  • Describe a first experience that you have had and explain how it influenced you.
  • Recall a situation when you took a risk that you now know was the right thing to do.
  • Give your opinion on one of today’s social controversies.
  • Describe a community you belong to and state the reasons for joining it.
  • What can you contribute to a multi-cultural world?
  • Explain how you got your name and what impact it had on you.
  • What has been the most profound scientific experience of yours?
  • Why did you become interested in this particular education establishment?
  • Why do you consider this particular educational establishment to be a good match for you?
  • Choose a topic of your own interest and elaborate on it in a 300-word essay.
  • What book or story that you read not that long ago impressed you the most? Why?
  • Discuss your division of "diversity" and the ways in which you expect it to affect your college experience.
  • If you were to protest for or against something, what would it be and why?
  • Are you honorable? How do you know?
  • What invention would the world be better off without, and why?
  • What is your favorite word, and why?
  • If you were to look back on your high school years, what advice would you give to someone beginning their high school career?
  • Describe a personal habit that helps to define you as a person.
  • Discuss how your travel experiences have affected you as a student and a citizen of the world.

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Tips On How To Write a College Application Essay

The basic rule for writing a college application essay is the same as in any other essay: first make a plan, next draft, and finally do the important editing. For your first step, you can have short brainstorming sessions to aptly identify your strengths and some crucial turning points or relevant experiences. Then when you come to drafting, write in three parts — introduction, body, and conclusion. Ultimately when it's time for editing, don't rush your dive. Take a break and come back to it after a while. You should also ask for an honest feedback from someone you know and trust, and then proofread at least twice. These are the basics to answer your how to write a college application essay question. If you need help in catching the bull by its horn, we are here to help you catch it and lead it to the ring for a standing ovation.

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