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Elucidating the Education Essay

Wow, it’s bad enough that you find yourself stuck in the middle of a long and tough (not to mention bleepin’ expensive) education… but now you hear that you need to write an essay about it? Sorry to hear it, but we’d like to help make it as painless as possible. The thing about an education essay is that it needs to be written with educators in mind. As always, you need to bow and scrape to your teacher or professor, but this situation is slightly different in that you are waxing and waning on what these readers do for a living (and likely have devoted their life to.) You are walking down the long hallway between saying what you think and insulting your audience. Carefully done, this academic paper can win your teachers over and may even suggest some positive changes for their vocation. So, easy does it here: respect is key, quality writing is key and having an intelligent thesis that is well-researched then logically set out is also key. As you can tell, you will need a big key chain for writing an education essay.

Wipe the Black Board, then Write Clearly on it

Keep the subject matter focused on the specific area that you’re talking about and use detailed quotes, references and sources to support your claims. You won’t get away without some heavy research for this thing: the education essay is not the place to wing it or be unsure about your facts.

  • Start out with the research and zero in on your thesis based on what you find and how it resonates for you.
  • Keep the writing clean. A standard five paragraph structure is fitting to use in an education essay: introduction that ends with your thesis, three paragraphs of supporting arguments with proof and a conclusion to wrap it all up neatly.
  • Follow any specifications that your instructor has set out: this will help you narrow the field and keep you on track. Who knows, your essay on education may be the impetus for change at your institution, so be smart about what you’re saying in it.

Education Essay Topics

  • The importance of education in America.
  • The importance of education in the African American community.
  • Illiteracy in the U.S. - The downfall of American society.
  • Private school vs. Public schools: Is there a difference?
  • Are private colleges worth it?
  • Parental involvement in education: does it enrich college experience?
  • Unethical student loan practices: still a problem in American colleges?
  • Do Americans have a reading problem?
  • Educational policy and management.
  • Public education and bullying.
  • Education Reform: reality or myth?
  • Public education: why is it getting so expensive?
  • Are private schools failing our children?
  • High school education: why are school graduates not ready for College?
  • Do we still need a College degree?
  • Problems with the U.S. education system.
  • Why is the U.S. spending so much private and government funds on education?
  • Why do American high school students lag hopelessly behind their foreign peers?
  • American schools and violence: an ongoing problem?
  • The history of American public education.

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