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The Expository Essay – Now There Is a Story For You.

Tap, tap, tap, is the sound that should be coming from your keyboard: your deadline is approaching… When writing an expository essay it’s best that you put your reporter’s hat on. At the very least, you’ll need to slide a pencil behind your ear. This particular kind of paper aims to report a situation or event in a simple and fair manner. Detail and analysis is the Kingpin here. Criticism needs to be shoved out the window. Keep it short and snappy, and stick with the facts, just the facts. The expository essay is about explaining something that is tough to grasp. Your subject matter needs to be broken down like a nervous suspect under the big bright light and then analyzed in cool simple terms. Stories and analogies help with the expository essay, and that’s your ticket in. But you have to understand the thing first, so that you can explain it to the readers properly. Get in the know and that will help you spout a clear thesis. Then it’s just a matter of doing what you reporters do best: listing the facts that support the thesis. Put the thing, the expository essay, into a larger context and divulge it to your reader so they see how it fits into the big picture. “Swell,” they will say, “we get it now.” Revise the story until you get it right, tight and ready to ignite and you’ve got yourself an award-winning expository essay that would make any reporter’s chest swell with pride.

The Specs on the Story

Here is what you’re going do:

  • Your Introduction will kick the thing off; this first paragraph will set out what it is you are going to tell the world about and end with a thesis as clear as a glass of Bombay gin. All this stuff will be supported and proven as the expository essay unfurls.
  • Each paragraph will point the finger at one supportive topic and list facts to back it up. All this will reinforce the thesis in a slow analytical logical fashion. Keep a cool head here.
  • The conclusion will summarize the contents of the expository essay, restate the thesis and end with a swift flourish of that pencil.

Now the story’s out and everybody knows what’s what thanks to you.


Interesting Expository Essay Topics

  • Explain the impact of genetically modified food on people’s health.
  • Explain how religious differences lead to the emergence of wars.
  • Explain how the company’s stock price is determined.
  • Describe the possible controversy between prospective stricter gun control laws and Second Amendment “right of the people to keep and bear arms”.
  • Describe the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis on the lives of the American teenagers and their perspectives of finding a suitable job opening.Describe the environmental consequences of the Gulf Oil spill.
  • Explain the efficiency of the nuclear energy usage in the view of the environmental disasters it can cause.
  • Explain the possible consequences of the USA ratifying the Kyoto protocol.
  • Describe efficient business appraisal techniques.
  • Describe your understanding of the American Dream.
  • Explain the impact of today’s advertisements techniques on the consumer buying power.
  • Explain the difference between TV and online advertising.
  • Describe efficient ways of fighting eating disorders among teenagers.
  • Explain the term “carbon footprint” and its relevance to today’s global warming concerns.
  • Explain the same-sex marriage legalization controversy.
  • Describe the impact of sports, baseball and basketball in particular, on the American society nowadays.
  • Describe possible ways to improve national educational system.
  • Describe the best and the worst days of your life and explain what impact those had on your life.
  • Describe a person who inspires you throughout your life.
  • Explain the difficulties of choosing a future career path.

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