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5-Paragraph Essay Writing Help

The Five-Paragraph Essay – Royalty of the Essay World

The 5-paragraph essay is the reigning queen in the realm of academic papers. And who can blame her for being so long and so widely feted with this title? She is a thing of beauty and grace, of elegance and simplicity, and she rules her territories with an iron fist in that satin glove. This girl has been around for longer than most glamor queens would admit to, and yet she still holds up beautifully even now. Her entrance, the elegant introductory paragraph has the ease and weight of any top-notch royal speech. From here, watch her gracefully dove-tail with ease into the thesis which grabs her audience with its authority, sensibility and regal hook. By this point, it is clear that the five-paragraph essay is off to a solid start.

And Take a Good Look at Her Body

Now, now, head out of the gutter: remember that this is nobility we are referring to! The body of a 5-paragraph essay displays the solid, sturdy yet beautifully flowing mark of excellent breeding.

  • The thesis argument wends its way through the body, point by logical point in a simple clear and orderly fashion. Classic, yet beautiful. And don’t let looks fool you: this five-paragraph essay beauty has a strong argument in her and one that she will win you over to.
  • Each component of her body is reinforced with strong supportive references, examples of what it is attempting to get across and a flow from one segment into the next.
  • The 5-paragraph essay knows the art of sure and effortless persuasion. Her supporters stand clearly behind her and back up every statement she utters. She is clever yet shrewd, building an argument methodically from point to point to point: starting with the strongest one she has at her disposal and working her way down through the others she has chosen to fight with.
  • She is fearless in the territory she ventures into and takes all those who chose to listen along with her.
  • The skill of the 5-paragraph essay never includes any extraneous items (why would she need to?) but is imperial at staying on-point and true to her stately thesis.
  • Her majestic final summarizing often leave an audience quivering as she drives towards her solid and triumphant conclusion.

Three cheers and a big Hip Hip Hoorah! Long may the 5-paragraph essay reign!

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