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It is not uncommon for students to feel a bit anxious about having to write MLA format essays.  MLA format requires attention to details and several referencing guidelines that must be precisely followed.  Sometimes, it is somewhat difficult for students to both follow the format and stay on the topic.  For this reason, BestEssayHelp is here to provide all kinds of writing help for you.  BestEssayHelp is a professional writing and research company that offers reasonable pricing, fast turnaround, and top quality work, eliminating the need to struggle on your own any longer.

In order to understand why MLA format essays pose so many issues for students and why they can be so frustrating to write, it is important to understand what the main requirements for suck types of essays are. 

MLA stands for the Modern Language Association and is the most accepted form of documentation that is used amongst the Humanities and Liberal Arts communities.  While some teachers require slight variations of this method, generally speaking the following guidelines are to be followed. 

MLA format essays are typically printed on white, standard sized paper.  Lined paper and colored paper is not acceptable.  The font to be used is Times New Roman size 12.  Other fonts make MLA formatting difficult to read and are not generally accepted.  All MLA format essays must be entirely double spaced, including the title page, and the works cited page.

In addition to font and spacing, the margins of MLA format essays must measure one inch on all four sides.  Text should be aligned to the left margin and words that end a line should never be hyphenated.

Indentation should be done with the first word of every paragraph, by one inch.  This can be easily remembered by setting your program to do this automatically with the start of each new paragraph.

Finally, all MLA format essays need to have proper citations.  This is usually done by means of parenthetical documentation, which includes the name of the author being cited, and the page number for the source of citation. 

As you can see, this type of essays does require a good amount of thoroughness and attention and require a fair amount of time to be invested in the process of writing in order to ensure all guidelines are met with complete accuracy.

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