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Narrative Essay - Take Me Away!

Writing a narrative essay is about transporting your readers into an experience that you or someone else has had. It transports readers through time and space by reflecting upon an event in order to develop new perspectives. It tells a story and also communicates a central idea or lesson that has been learned.

How to put together a narrative essay?

  • Start by identifying an experience you’d like to write about. If it is a story from your treasure – trove of experiences it is a personal narrative essay.
  • Decide why this is significant or important. Draft and compile everything that you recall about the details, big and small, of that experience.
  • Outline the basic story or narrative.
  • Describe each part of this story or narrative, using descriptions and vivid details so that you take the readers into the experience, by recreating the experience for them. You need to make it real and visceral for the readers: offer solid details that will transport them into the experience.

Sometimes the small and seemingly insignificant details are the ones that can powerfully take the readers into the heart of the experience, so remember that when writing a narrative essay.

Who Cares About the Experience in Your Narrative Essay?

This question needs to be answered, otherwise, why would anyone go along with you? You can start off the essay by expressing the significance of the experience so that the reader can grasp it from the start and be pulled along by it as they go through the narrative essay. Alternatively, you can just jump right into the middle of the narrative and run with it until the end of the essay where you conclude the importance or significance of the event or experience. This is the more risky, dramatic and more experiential way to go, but if you are skilled in narrative or in writing a narrative essay then this could be a winning formula for you. The last option is to set up the event or experience but hold off on revealing the significance until the end of the paper. This allows the readers to build on your experience and likely come to the same conclusion when it is revealed at the end. Which ever way you choose to structure, make your personal narrative essay sweep the reader away…

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  • The most strange job interview you have been to.
  • The weirdest question you had to answer to a complete stranger.
  • The most memorable day of your childhood.
  • The most embarrasing moment in your college life.
  • The biggest lie you've ever told.
  • The best celebration you have ever been to.
  • The hardest apology you had to make.
  • A moment in time when you felt totally relaxed and unbothered.
  • The saddiest goodbye you've ever said.
  • The toughest chellenge you've ever had to overcome.
  • The most controversial decision you've ever made.
  • The biggest sacrifice you've ever made.
  • The happiest you've ever been.
  • The most horrifying story you've ever heard.
  • The first time you were in love.
  • The first job you've ever got.
  • The strangest acquintance you've ever made.
  • The dilemma of choosing a college to apply to.
  • The challenge of balancing a career and a family.
  • The opportunity you've lost and now regret the most.

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