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What I Say! Be Heard with the Opinion Essay

All right, enough about me… What do you think of me? The opinion essay is one of the few places in the world that a teacher or professor wants to hear more about someone’s opinion. This is why the paper has been entitled opinion essay! Rejoice in the fact that suddenly, an adult actually cares what you, young buck, happen to think… A few things to keep in mind if there is any space left in there. First, about that belief, attitude or judgment you are about to use for your opinion essay. Consider what you are going to say, why you are going to say it, and who it is that you will be saying it to. Work from there. Yes, the reader (ie: the professor or teacher who assigned you this paper) does want to hear what you think, but not in a “hey dude, check this out!!” kind of way. This is academia, and thoughtful intelligence is expected in an opinion essay and all other papers too. Just like Facebook postings, academic papers tend to have long memories, and can come back to haunt you in your older, wiser, more sober years.

Be sure that you put it all together in a simple, logical and clear fashion. Wah? That’s right, this is not about just spouting off at the mouth (or on the page), this is about a clean coherent logical perspective. Following the standard format will work just fine.

  • The Introduction will set up your chosen topic and wrap up with a succinct opinion. Consider kicking the opinion essay off with an anecdote, quotation or a provocative rhetorical question to get the ball rolling. This leads into your topic and thesis.
  • The body of the essay will back up what you opine and somehow make it into a solid argument. The main body needs to be well organized and logical.
  • The conclusion will sum it all up and bring it home with some context.

Keep it simple and keep the language appropriate: you will constantly be restating that this is your belief, your perspective, etc. Choose the topic well , write the paper well and be academically professional about it.

Interesting Opinion Essay Topics

  • Increasing country’s public debt.
  • Fighting terrorism.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Protecting sharks from becoming extinct.
  • Saving coral reefs.
  • Decreasing national unemployment rates.
  • Fighting Somali pirates.
  • Solving religious conflicts peacefully.
  • Fighting cancer.
  • Eliminating school shootings.
  • Technology dependency.
  • Increasing your online safety.
  • Social media influence.
  • Is it possible to stop global warming?
  • NBA lock-outs.
  • Are athletes paid too much?
  • Same-sex marriages’ legalization.
  • Stricter gun control laws.
  • Company’s marketing to children.
  • How effective are SAT scores?

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