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The Key To The Best Personal Essay

A personal essay is an essay where a writer is actually given the freedom of writing in first person. You don’t need to worry about giving a round-up view on the given topic because you can actually give your honest opinion. One would think this would make a personal essay fun to write but many individuals find writing it very difficult. Why? Because to many individuals, writing an essay that reflects their personality while allowing the readers to gauge what point the writer is trying to get across is difficult.

Also, a personal essay can come with any topic. Such as “What did I do in my summer vacation?” or “What is my favorite sport?” What are you supposed to write about if you did nothing in your summer vacation apart from the mundane things in life or what if you don’t like any kind of sports? This leaves you with an empty mind and a blank page.

The worst is when you are supposed to write a personal essay for college as an admission requirement. For some weird reason you will always be exceeding the word limit. You won’t be able to find a concise way of putting your goals, perspective and achievements on paper. No matter how much you try to limit the words to the word count specified, you suddenly remember something very important that you want the admission committee to know. All the additional and so-called important points end up exceeding your word count. If you are not struggling with limiting the word count then you are struggling with the tone. Should you be friendly and informal or serious and formal? Overall, everything about writing a personal essay is annoying and frustrating.

Interesting Personal Essay Topics

  • Describe a meaningful event in your life and try to predict how it will affect your college experience.
  • Where do you see yourself 7 years from now?
  • What are your professional ambitions and how do you incorporate those in your current career goals?
  • What quality or characteristic trait distinguishes you from all other people?
  • How was your outlook formed? Was there anyone in particular influencing it?
  • Describe your dream job.
  • How do you improve your time-management techniques? Do you think those are important nowadays?
  • Do you have particular stress management techniques? How do you deal with stress in the workplace?
  • What are the negative characteristic traits of yours that you would never change?
  • What influences your mood the most?
  • Are you able to learn from failure? Give an example.
  • How important is participation in social events for you?
  • Do you think you are able to make a difference in your community nowadays?
  • Is there an occurrence in your past that you will always regret?
  • Are there any opportunities you regret not taking?
  • Are you influenced by the public opinion?
  • How do you prove your opinion when people disagree with you?
  • How good are you in working as a part of a team?
  • Do you think you have what it takes to be a leader for people?
  • Did you find a way to manage professional and personal life effectively?

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