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Do You Have A Problem With Your Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is not only common in high schools but also in colleges and universities. Teachers find a problem-solution essay the best way to judge and evaluate a student’s writing skills as well as his or her analytical skills, critical thinking and knowledge about the subject assigned. Sometimes the teacher gives a topic and sometimes the students are asked to choose a topic themselves. Both situations can be difficult for students for different reasons. For example, when the topic is assigned in the problem-solution essay, what if the student doesn’t know anything about the topic? Also, when the topic is not assigned, finding a good problem solution essay topic can be very difficult for some students. Why? Because the solution proposed in the essay should be viable and justified well. Therefore, when choosing a problem for your essay, you need to keep in mind that it can’t be too broad because then you will have a tough time formulating a solution. Neither can your problem be too narrow because then your essay will be too easy to write and it will ruin the aim of writing such an essay. So a problem-solution essay is a dilemma, no matter what way it’s given!

This essay needs to be written in a logical and constructed manner or it will be difficult to get your point across to the teacher. Writing it can be very difficult for students who are already busy with other assignments and are working at the same time. As this essay requires not only research, but also calls for analytical skills there aren’t any holes left in your solution for the teacher to point out.

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Interesting Problem-Solution Essay Topics

  • Teenage drinking.
  • Early teenage pregnancy.
  • Global warming.
  • Greenhouse effect.
  • Stock market crisis.
  • Budget deficit.
  • High unemployment rate.
  • Going to graduate school.
  • Family vs. career.
  • Earning for a living during summer months.
  • Moving out of the parents’ house.
  • Studying abroad.
  • Starting business on your own.
  • Preparing for a job interview.
  • Taking over family business.
  • Pursuing a dream.
  • Saving money to go to college.
  • Fighting cancer.
  • Being a new kid in school.
  • World oil spices.

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