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Why the Process Essay is Better Then Processed Cheese

Processed food is bad for us, but sometimes it’s hard to resist. Take American cheese-wrapped in single-serve packets. Yum. A process essay, on the other hand, can be very good for us and greatly benefit our readers too. This paper is about detailing how to do something (or how something is done.) Writing a process essay about processed cheese would be a fine example and one that may end up adding years to your life too. So, first identify a process that you wish to demystify and make sure that it’s one that will appeal to your audience (mainly those who will be marking your paper.) If your course is about the benefits of a vegan, holistic lifestyle, for example, than the American slices would only go over well if you were to approach it with intent to vilify, liquefy and fill your gas tank with.

Process This Process Essay

Before explaining the process, you need to understand it. A process essay needs to feed data from various sources in order to get the full picture. Contacting Kr%ft for their standard business description will not suffice! Once you get a solid grasp of the full process, it’s up to you to serve it up clearly for your readers to understand. Items that are not common –machinery, manufacturing processes, terms such as ‘emulsification’ and ‘cheese analogue’ or ingredients such as ‘annatto’ will have to be explained.

  • A process essay introduction will dish out your chosen process and the body of the paper will go through the steps of the process (chronological order is easiest to follow.)
  • Offer up how things are done and why certain steps are done. Really, why are those slices wrapped in plastic sleeves?
  • Timelines between steps are also helpful, for example, how long did it take from the milking of the cow to the mixing of the cheese. How long until the thing morphs into something that looks like cheese? These give a frame of reference to a process that may be alien to your readers.
  • The concluding paragraph in your process essay will summarize all and restate why this process and our understanding of it is important, for example to get people to stop corrupting their bodies with the ingredients used in processed foods!

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