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The Reflective Essay (and Your Mother) Want to Know, 'What Have You Learned From That?'

Don’t worry, this is not about anything you’ve done wrong; this is about what a reflective essay is. If you get that glazed look in your eyes and hear the hum of a dial tone in your head when someone asks what you have learned from a particular event, then read on. The reflective essay is all about putting this down on paper. This assignment is about what you think of a certain subject, with a strong focus on what you have learned. This academic paper is about working on a project and then reflecting upon it with your evaluations and assessments making up the reflective essay. So, take a look around that messy bedroom or dorm room and consider where to begin.

Clear Clutter for Clarity

As mom would say, start by picking all that junk off the floor! How can you think in the middle of all that mess? You will need a clear space in your home and your head, so that you can do some solid reflecting.

  • Collect all the things you need for your reflective essay: the specs of your project, the process used, the data gathered and then assess it.
  • You will be evaluating both your final project as well as the learning curve that it took you on.
  • Note your achievements and any goals reached, evaluate the weak points and consider how they could be improved (no scolding required.)
  • Writing a reflective essay requires that you have a critical eye on the final result of the project, what it means / meant to you and finally what it can mean to your reader.

As with any essay format, make sure that your Introduction jumps out and grabs your reader and holds them in a headlock like a Boogey man who has been laying in wait under the bed. Make sure that your writing and editing are high quality and that your conclusion not only summarizes the contents of the paper but also leaves the reader with some food for thought. Writing a reflective essay is like a big ‘time out’ that gives both you and your audience the benefit of what you learned as well as how you learned it, and what it can mean to everyone else.

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