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The response that a response essay inspires is most often unflattering. There are many types of response essays and all of them require a very balanced and specialized form of writing. Of course the style would vary according to the type of essay. Our writers respond brilliantly to all the various types of response essays. For you this means that you too can share and show off the brilliance through our essay writing services!

Critical Response Essay and other stories…

This is a very common type of response essay. Also known as the critique essay, this essay has the quality of giving most writers a sudden writer’s block which then doesn’t seem to go away. The good news is that our writers have the quality of consistently producing exemplary critical response essays. These types of essays require a very fine analysis and exposition on the subject matter. Our scribes can not only write an amazing response essay but also teach you how to write one. A couple of critical response essays and a little guidance from us will help your write response essays that will astonish even you!

Response essays can be exciting adventures as they can be written on a very wide variety of topics that covers virtually everything. In case you can’t seem to find inspiration externally, you can write from within, creating a personal response essay. By looking at just one of our sample, you will KNOW how to instinctively put a creative spin on a personal story/aspect/incident and write a masterpiece of an essay.

Our writers are well versed in the intricacies of response essays and will help you maneuver through all kinds of response essays like those mentioned above and also how to write a summary response essay and reader response essay.

The topics may vary, the readers may vary and you may be wary of what kind of writing you should put in your essay. Just follow our lead and you’ll be giving the proper response in no time.

Interesting Response Essay Topics

  • Illegal border crossing.
  • Somali pirates.
  • 2012 Armageddon predictions.
  • United States public debt.
  • Japanese economy after the 2011 earthquakes.
  • Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.
  • The last book you’ve read.
  • Your favorite movie of all times.
  • The last theatrical performance you’ve seen.
  • Gun control laws.
  • Same-sex marriages.
  • Human rights violations.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Teenage pregnancy.
  • Drug cartels.
  • Advertising aimed at children.
  • Global warming.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Coral reefs destruction.
  • Partial sharks’ extinction.

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