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Science is synonymous to super boring for you! You never liked science and you don’t think you will ever like it any day in the future. You always manage to get through the subject somehow but recently your teacher gave you a science essay that you can’t avoid. You tried convincing her to change the topic but she is adamant about it being a science essay!

You know such an essay will require a lot of research and bored-to-death-tears! You don’t want to do this essay but neither do you want to get a bad grade on this assignment. You are delaying starting it just so you can write something right at the end to finish it fast. We recommend you not to do that because we have a better solution for you!

Interesting Science Essay Topics

  • Meteorites contain chemicals linked to life.
  • Rare gene variants linked to ADHD.
  • Sleep apnea tied to later dementia.
  • Common virus may ride up nose to brain.
  • Searching for spin liquids: much-sought exotic quantum state of matter can exist.
  • Hidden Baja undersea park Is the world's most robust marine reserve.
  • Arctic ice melt could pause for several years, resuming again.
  • Darkest known exoplanet: alien world is blacker than coal.
  • Research reveals genetic link to human intelligence.
  • Fossilized pregnant plesiosaur: 78-million-year-old fossils of adult and its embryo provide first evidence of live birth.
  • Smart skin: electronics that stick and stretch like a temporary tattoo.
  • Route for eliciting HIV-neutralizing antibodies mapped.
  • Genomes sequenced: bugs within mealybugs; and bugs within bugs within mealybugs.
  • Hidden soil fungus, now revealed, is in a class all its own.
  • Supernovae parents found: clear signatures of gas outflows from stellar ancestors.
  • Hydrogen-powered symbiotic bacteria in deep-sea hydrothermal vent mussels.
  • Escaping gravity's clutches.
  • Quantum computers.
  • Multiple sclerosis research.
  • Exotic quantum crystal.

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