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Think about club music. It’s not about the latest hit-maker being spun by the disc jockey anymore - it’s about a fusion of elements. Today’s club music, or rave beat, might take a chart-topping hit, some riffing, a fresh backbeat, an overlay of a classic tune. It’s about synthesis. Writing a synthesis essay is similar: it’s about pulling together a bunch of ideas from various places and blending them into one thing. The beats and vibe that you gather together need to be focused around a question or a theme; bringing them together will form generalizations and lead to what you want to say (which is your thesis) which will be backed up by statistics or examples, and possibly some chords from Led Zeppelin. The synthesis essay is about collecting and integrating in order to develop and support an argument (thesis.) And that makes for one mean dance mix.

Ready to Remix

  • Get started on your synthesis essay by choosing a topic - it’s like searching for an iTunes hit that you love.
  • Develop a statement about this song, then an outline about how your version will unfold.
  • As the body of the thing unfurls, you will develop your ideas, riffs, segues and musical magic along the way.
  • Again, three is a magic number for the synthesis essay, as it is for any Usher hit or Lady Gaga single. This is about finding back-up from trusted sources that will support the creation you are putting together. Summarizing main ideas, highlighting differences and similarities will bring your synthesis essay into tune.
  • You’ve got to walk a fine line between blending other people’s works and clearly having your own material shine through. After all, this is meant to be your chart-topper, not theirs.
  • As with any classic hit-maker you will need to know what specifically you are saying with the piece and you’ll need to state the obvious counter-arguments and refute them as you go. You know that VH1 or TMZ is going to be all over it anyway, so beat them to the punch before they have a chance to try to slander your creation.
  • The final chords of your (now) brilliant synthesis essay need to restate all that you want your creation to extoll, and leave your audience wanting, in the words of Billy Idol: “ more, more, more!”

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Synthesis Essay Topics

  • Does exposure to violence destroy our moral sense?
  • Is it possible to ‘prepare’ for a terrorist attack?
  • Is it possible to negotiate or reason with Islamic terrorists?
  • If we can’t negotiate with terrorists, can we convince the wider Muslim world to denounce them and cut off support?
  • Does television have a positive impact on presidential elections?
  • What would business or government agency need to consider before transferring a hardy but nonindigenous species to another country
  • Will increased public debt help American economy?
  • Will decreased levels of carbon dioxide emissions help fight global warming?
  • Will stricter gun control laws violate 2nd Amendment rights?
  • How to determine your competitive advantage?
  • Is the legalization of same-sex marriages socially beneficial?
  • Will it ever be possible to eliminate corruption?
  • Is it possible to eliminate hunger by means of decreasing poverty levels?
  • Should companies advertise to children?
  • Is advertising alcohol ethical?
  • Is it reasonable to increase the driving license age to 18?
  • Will people ever be able to find cure for cancer?
  • Are we too dependent on technology nowadays?
  • Are friends socially important?
  • Should marihuana be legalized?