Structural Power – Essay Sample

Structural Power – Essay Sample

Structural power is a concept that illustrates why things are established the way they are. In any business, it only makes sense that the company will seek marketing and advertisements that focus mainly upon their targeted buyers; why create an ad about hunting and fishing for a woman’s product? It simply would not make financial sense.

This is illustrated by two companies in particular that have a focus upon female needs. Mirena the birth control method sold by the Bayer Health Care Pharmaceutical company and the popular tampon brand Tampax. Both companies specialize in items that only a female would use and as such they liberally sprinkle their ads with pinks and purples; pretty colors that attract the female’s eye. Additionally, they also use girls in their commercials, conveying emotions and feelings that can allow a woman to relate.

By using these methods of structural power, they are in fact increasing their sales; which are, of course, the entire point. The Bayer Company increased earnings alone by over 23.8% in the last fiscal year, (“Stockholder’s Newsletter First Quarter 2011,” 2011). So, too, did the Proctor and Gamble corporation that owns Tampax show positive results with over 13 million dollars in net earnings alone for the last year, (“Financial Summary,” 2011). All in all, a success.

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