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Transcendent Love in Charlotte Bronte and Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Essay Sample

The concept that self-denial was essential to secure true, or transcendent, love was a fixture of a great deal of 19th century literature, particularly in regard to the aspirations of women in fiction and poetry. It could be argued that … Full sample

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Satire in Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens – Essay Sample

Satire may be a gentle, barely perceptible, oblique presentation of a subject, or it may be an outrageously blatant mockery. The ultimate reality is that, as with virtually every literary device, its power and value derives from the talent of … Full sample

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Ozymandias Analysis – Essay Sample

“Ozymandias” is a poem, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It was first published in 1818, in a periodical The Examiner, which was run at that time by the author’s friend, Leigh Hunt. Back in 1817, Shelley decided to have a … Full sample

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God’s Grandeur – Essay Sample

This poem is a bright example of the poems about our Mother Nature. It starts with a speaker’s claim that our planet is vital and full of special power. This power comes, of course, from our Creator, God. However, what … Full sample

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George Orwell’s Novel Animal Farm – Essay Sample

The satirical masterpiece Animal Farm in often considered the crowning achievement of George Orwell’s literary career. The tale reads as an allegory, commenting on modern society prior to World War II. The book is still widely taught in schools for … Full sample

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