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Childhood Obesity: Causes and Prevention – Essay Sample

Childhood obesity is a major concern for parents, teachers, and the medical community with differing philosophies and theories on causes and prevention. Inactivity, genetics, technology and parenting attitudes and beliefs are factors which contribute to childhood obesity. Peer pressure and … Full sample

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Dietary Frozen Goods – Essay Sample

Healthy Choice is the brand name of a line of convenience foods that meet the government guidelines for health (healthychoice, 2009). They offer a selection of refrigerator and frozen meals, as well as a broad array of side dishes, cold … Full sample

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Healthier Alternatives to Student Feeding – Essay Sample

Snacks have nutritional benefits but can also have negative health impacts based on the quantities and types of nutrients that they have. Passive nibbling brings on unwanted calories causing trouble.  Snacks like chocolate, chips on sugar rich drinks like shakes … Full sample

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Nutrition Report – Essay Sample

Stage 1 – Therapeutic Diet.             The restrictions for a low salt diet are classified as follows: Health Canada recommends that the maximum salt (sodium) intake per day is 2300 mgs/day; A single fast food mean can contain as much … Full sample

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Childhood Obesity Prevention – Essay Sample

Childhood obesity is one of the currently discussed ones both in terms of its physical consequences and the psycho-social effect it is likely to bring. There is much literature dedicated to the causes of obesity as well as the ways … Full sample

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