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Airplane Crash (EgyptAir 990): Oversight or Blindness? – Essay Sample

Egypt Air Flight 990 departed from Cairo and never reached its destination, New York City, but crashed in Massachusetts in 1999. The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation revealed rampant miscommunication- both during the flight itself and after its crash. The … Full sample


Aircraft Deicing Techniques and Aircraft Related Accidents – Essay Sample

Background of the Problem The development of specific solutions to counteract aircraft icing has been a difficult process to manage in recent years. In response to the mechanical problems associated with the failure to deice aircraft efficiently and effectively, it … Full sample


Interaction between aircraft maintenance aspects and flight operations in the Army Aviation.

Flight operations facility is heavily dependent on effective aircraft maintenance. The combination of aircraft equipment readiness, efficient usage of manpower and information, and productive maintenance management ensure the security and success of all flight operations. The right aviation assets are … Full sample

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