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The March Field Air Museum – Essay Sample

Introduction The March Air Museum is located just off Interstate 215 south of San Bernardino in California. The museum is home to 700 historic aircraft and was constructed in 1993. The building reflects the aircraft hangar of early aviation days. … Full sample

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Impact of Aviation Security on Airports – Essay Sample

The terrorist attacks which occurred in September of 2001 brought about enormous geopolitical changes, including military actions still ongoing around the world. A less dramatic legacy, but one with continuing and vast repercussions for the airline industries and their client … Full sample


Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) – Essay Sample

The September 11/2001 attack on USA provoked the enhanced use computer assisted passenger prescreening system (CAPPS). This idea came about in the year1998 by the federal Aviation Administration whereby this organization implemented the use of CAPPS with the aim of … Full sample


Classic Airlines Marketing Review – Essay Sample

Classic Airlines has been one of the top five airline companies in the United States and continues to have over $10 million in annual profits.  Unfortunately, the company is feeling a strong reduction in the classic rewards program that was … Full sample


Interaction between aircraft maintenance aspects and flight operations in the Army Aviation – Essay Sample

Outline Thesis Statement: Flight operations facility is heavily dependent on effective aircraft maintenance. The combination of aircraft equipment readiness, efficient usage of manpower and information, and productive maintenance management ensure the security and success of all flight operations. Introduction. Body. … Full sample

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