Responsibilities of a Leader to communicate – Essay Sample

Responsibilities of a Leader to communicate – Essay Sample

Responsibilities are forces that lead one to act on requests or demands by their fields. These include duties or activities that one has to perform in order to fulfill what they are required to do. A leader is a person with the ability to conduct people. These people can be in a school, a church, an organization among others. Lastly communication is transfer of information or message from one person to the other.

In this question we are going to look at responsibilities that a school leader has to communicate. For a school to improve, it has to have a trained and a leader with a lot of knowledge on these grounds. With this he or she will be able to offer responsible duties to his or her. These mainly include: staff, superintendent and the community. Communication in a school is very important to a leader (Kathy, 2004). This is because it provides the leader with the appropriate conditions to issue orders to the workers to perform their duties. Staffs are can be categorized into two groups. The subordinate staff – these are those staffs that are minor in the school. They can be: cooks, cashier worker, cleaners’ and others.

The other category is the main staff members who are the teachers, secretaries, cashiers, accountants among others. They can be: cooks, cashier worker, cleaners among other. A school leader needs to have a good relation with the mentioned (William, 2005). The staffs are under someone else authority. This in a school, the person who has the rule to lead is the principle. A principle can have a very huge effect on what is taught by the teachers and what is learnt by the students. Therefore they are supposed to provide the most appropriate environment for the whole school.

It is the work of a school leader to set directions, improving people, and designing the school. With good communications, a school leader can help the teachers to foster learning, build a good relationship between the students and their teachers and also improve the level of the students understanding in the classroom.

School leaders also ought to have a good relationship with the superintendent. These are those people that supervise a school. A good communication is really needed for the leaders towards these people in order to send make it easy for the two to work together. These supervisors are usually new in some schools hence they need a good corporation between them and the school leaders.

This will also have a big effect on the students and teachers in that school. An example of this is when a school has national examinations. The principal, teachers and the supervisors work together as a team to make sure evertything is done in order (Pedro, 2000). Without good communication, the examinations can not be done in time or supervisions can not be offered in the right way hence leading to cases of tailor.

Another case is that of School leaders’ communication with the community. The community plays a very big role in the growth of a school. This is because students, workers, teachers and others come from the community. This means that school leader have to establish a very good way of communication with the community.

An example of this can be explained when there are complains of the community to the school, the principle together with the B.O.G should see to it that the matters are solved. Arguments and ignorance will only lead to anger of the community. A bad communication of the school leader can also lead to withdrawal of students from the school by the parents who make up the community.






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