Backyard Remodeling Project – Essay Sample

Backyard Remodeling Project – Essay Sample


The backyard can be referred to as “outdoor living space”; this can range from decks, to patios, to outdoor kitchens and pools (Hendrickson, et. al., 1989). An outdoor living space expands your home by a few square meters. This can be done with the help of a few materials. A nice way of looking at it is that it helps connect you from your home to the outdoors, and to nature. Backyard remodeling can come in improvements which are easy to do, and this can be executed through do-it-yourself methods (Sharkey, 1994). However, the value of a professional cannot be underestimated. Remodeling any part of your home always poses as a challenge, though the outcome is rewarding (Hendrickson, et. al., 1989). Some people consider the remodeling of an outdoor space to be an improvement in the quality of life. It can serve as a place of serenity and a place to relax without leaving the comforts of your home. The backyard is also a good way to have for entertainment purposes; a nice place to throw parties, hold get-together and have barbeques. It is also a space in which you can watch your children grow up in, a place which is still close to home and secure.

After all construction licenses and permits are filed and approved, the types of material and the project execution shall be considered (See Appendix C). This project will take approximately 12 weeks to complete, with a budget just under $25,000 (See Appendix A). The project of backyard remodeling will include the construction of a deck as well as the reshaping of the pool and adding a space to enjoy a barbeque. The entire backyard shall include a complete landscaping makeover where the ground will be upturned. The backyard will take on a grotto theme where the pool will be made of stone, and the barbeque area will be brick. The deck will be tiled to match the stone pool, and the perimeter of the garden will be lined with ferns which compliment the theme. This will be for the purpose of entertainment, for having guests as well as a place to relax. After the backyard is done, it will feel like it is always summer. The backyard will also provide safety and a way to conserve water by re-constructing the gutters. This project will be executed after the design is completed and the client is happy with the proposed project plan (See Appendix C).

Project Scope

The project will include the following areas of the backyard:

  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Landscaping
  • Pavement
  • Guttering
  • Pool area
  • Barbeque are

The project does not include the following:

  • Storage shed
  • Playhouse
  • Trellis

The strategies which the construction will use are the following:

  • Maintain an adequate slope as well as drainage from the house when creating the outdoor living area
  • Design landscape which features ways to minimize heat
  • Design landscape to minimize outdoor water use
  • Design landscape to encourage outdoor activities
  • Design landscape to support functions with nature


The project site will be seen to minimize site disturbances; the modified landscaping will provide much solar access as well. Porous pavement will be provided as well as tiling for the deck. The lawn area will be reduced and the perimeter of the backyard will be the only areas which will have foliage. Provision for wildlife habitat will be limited to birds and other small animals, and the landscape will be utilized to provide more protection for the house. The gutter system will be changed to provide adequate rainwater collection and this will make it easy for the home owners to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. The landscape and plants included will not allow for the growing of edible plants, however the pool will be designed in a way to minimize chemical use.

Outdoor Structures

The reuse of existing materials shall be considered in terms of the plants which will be found in the perimeter of the backyard. The construction of a tiled deck will be considered and the use of environmentally friendly materials shall be done. The connection between the deck and the house shall be properly detailed and will make use of naturally rot-resistant wood for the awning and other structures shall be produced. Energy efficient lighting will be used within the pool area and on the deck. Outdoor lighting will be selected to reduce light pollution and to keep lighting within the bounds of the property. Environmentally friendly furnitures and accessories shall be chosen.





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