Black and White Communities – Essay Sample

Black and White Communities – Essay Sample

  1. What social, economic, and material gains did African Americans make after the civil rights era? Why did some black Americans do better than others during this period?

Civil rights movement succeeded in abolishing racial segregation which gave African Americans equal access to education and job opportunities. They could apply for positions with greater career advancement opportunities and assume leadership positions. They also got equal access to all public welfare programs. Some black Americans did better than others during this period because they had higher educational backgrounds. Deindustrialization led to the decline of many industries that frequently employed black Americans which left many black Americans with limited skills and education, at a disadvantage. In addition, high rates of gang warfare, crime, and drug addictions with black American communities also negatively affected the economic progress of many black Americans.

  1. Why do white Americans tend to live longer than black Americans? How has the black community dealt with the problems of HIV/AIDS?

White Americans tend to live longer because on the average they tend to do better economically as compared to black Americans. They greater economic resources translate to access to better healthcare facilities. The occurrence of HIV/AIDS among high profile black American public figures has raised awareness about the diseases. Even though African American women have embraced HIV/AIDS testing in greater numbers, HIV/AIDS remains a stigma among African American men.

  1. Who were some of the most important African-American writers, performers, and social critics in the late twentieth century? What is Hip-Hop, and what is meant by the term the “Hip-Hop Planet”? What is the relationship between rap music and hip-hop?

The late twentieth century saw a renaissance of notable black artists, poets, and writers such as August Wilson, Charles Fuller, George C. Wolf, Anna Deavere Smith, Toni Morrison, Toni Cade Bambura, Alice Walker, Tita Dove and Maya Angelou . These artists regularly raised awareness about issues facing the black American community such as race, stereotypes, racial identity, and segregation in the public art performing places. Hip-Hop is a mixture of rap lyrics and background music. Hip-Hop planet refers to the popularity of Hip-Hop music on a global scale.  Rap is just rhythmic speaking in rhyme while hip-hop also includes music in addition to the rhythmic rhyme.





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