Jim Crowe, Jazz, Blues and Black People – Essay Sample

Jim Crowe, Jazz, Blues and Black People – Essay Sample

How could a black soldier justify participating in wars against Native Americans, the Spanish, and the Filipinos?  Why did black soldiers serve?  How well did they serve?

Black soldiers served very well since they had incredible restraint. They understood that their actions represented their race and ethnicity, and they also understood the power of racism. The participation of black soldiers in these wars were said to be distorted by public sensationalism. The treatment of black soldiers was not equal, yet they served well (Hine, William and Stanley).

Did black people derive any benefits from the expansion of segregation and Jim Crowe?

No, black people did not derive much benefits from this. Jim Crowe was a racist symbol which exaggerated the physical appearances of African Americans. It was because of the Jim Crowe act that racial stereotypes about black people emerged (Hine, William and Stanley).

Why did ragtime, jazz, and the blues emerge and become popular?

These genres of music emerged as contemporary black culture music. Blues were songs about the soul and the hardships a black person went through. They would use these types of music to communicate with each other from their plantations, a musical tradition they carried out from the homeland of Africa. Jazz became popularized during the same time slavery was being abolished, and this brought a great boost to the popularity of the music genre (Hine, William and Stanley).

How did segregation affect amateur and professional athletics in the United States?

Segregation in terms of athletics brought on great fear for white people. They were afraid of losing their athletic credibility to a black athlete, and it was understood that blacks performed generally better than white athletes. Because of bitterness towards the success of races, there were many myths created about black athletes; however, because of the success of their athletes, it became difficult to promote the stereotype that blacks were lazy and had no ambitions in life (Hine, William and Stanley).





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