Racial Ideology and Education of Black People – Essay Samples

Racial Ideology and Education of Black People – Essay Samples

Why did the agricultural & mechanical training that Hampton Institute and Tuskegee Institute offered gain so much support among both black & white people?  Why did black colleges and universities emphasize learning trades and acquiring skills?

The training at Hampton institute gave both black and white people opportunities in these areas. The institute was the vehicle for freed black men, and they aimed to advance in their positions in life through gaining an education (Hine, William and Stanley).

How compatible was the educational philosophy of the late nineteenth century with the racial ideology?

Racism was at a high during the late nineteenth century, especially in Europe. There was little or no compatibility with the education philosophy in regards to the racial ideology of the people. Even though there were freed black men, gaining equal rights as white men were still a long way off. There was a classification of racism, which was classified as “scientific racism”, an ideology which believed that white men were more superior to any other race (Hine, William and Stanley).

Of what value was an education for a black person in the 1800s or early 1900s?  To what use could a black person put an education?

Education for a black person gave that person slight advantages, yet they were still not equal with white students. They did not receive the same level of education, and they were not credited at the same level. A black person with an education can work as an educated black person. Yet, an educated white person had a number of more opportunities (Hine, William and Stanley).

What purpose did the black church serve?  What were the strengths and weaknesses of the black church?  What roles did black clergymen play in late nineteenth-century America?

The purpose of black churches was to serve their Christian faith in a culturally unique way. Black churches existed even after the abolition of slavery, and it still is a form of segregation. However, black churches are members of some predominantly white races (Hine, William and Stanley).





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