Historical Periods – Essay Sample

Historical Periods – Essay Sample

There are many different ways of periodization. It is clear that they are conditional, but their benefit is rather obvious. When one would like to go back in time, it is essential to have a plan and the map of the route. It will help him not to get lost in a swirl of events, discoveries, dates, etc. A lot of historians have devoted their lives in order to organize the knowledge of mankind about history, to put everything on the right shelve. When the past is in order, then it is easier for future generations to understand the origins of current events, to draw parallels and establish relationships between different cultures.

Let’s go over one straightforward method of periodization, which does not have clear boundaries. The first stage is called primitive society. It had taken place when the first human ancestors appeared before cities and states were formed. This period is also named prehistoric. This name of it is rather disputable, as with the appearance of a man, started the history of mankind. The main source from which this period was studied is numerous archaeological findings. Of course, written monuments were still missing at that time. At this time, a man had mastered agriculture and livestock; began building homes and cities, originated religion and art. This period is the beginning of history, although a primitive one.

The second period is the period of Ancient world, or Ancient Empires. It started with the appearance of first ancient civilizations and ended with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. It was truly a remarkable period of history, which gave birth to religion, science, poetry, architecture, theater, first ideas of democracy and human rights and so on. It is impossible to list everything that was accomplished during this period.

Then came the Middle Ages. They lasted from the fall of the Roman Empire at the end of antiquity until the vast geographical discoveries were made and the printing was invented by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440. When one mentions the Middle Ages (also known as the Dark Ages) the first things that come to mind are the Knights, the Inquisition, Gothic and so on.

New Era (XV – 1914) was the next period in the historical development of mankind. This period lasted a couple of centuries and ended with the beginning of World War I. New Era can be characterized by the Renaissance period in science and culture, discovery of the New World, the fall of Constantinople, the British and the French Revolutions, Napoleonic Wars and more.
The last period is Modern times. It is a period in human history that started in 1914 and lasts until now.





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