Police Operations – Essay Sample

Police Operations – Essay Sample

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question commonly put to children throughout the years; one of the more popular answers, of course, is “a policeman.” “Okay, well what does a policeman do?” “They help people of course.” To the mind of a child, the answer really is that simple, as people grow older, however, they realize that the career of a police officer is so much more.

There are several dangers, for example, in working to uphold the law. In addition there are always new ways to take down suspects that are not necessarily lethal; police officers have to stay up to date on such weapons. With new technologies being applied to the force ever year, it is amazing that everyone can keep up. Although many people, at some point in their lives, have wanted to become a law enforcement officer, have a well- rounded knowledge base about the career will help turn dreams into reality.

As such, what exactly are the dangers in policing? Naturally there is the chance someone could be shot at, or even killed. Still, there are more dimensions than that. There is also the possibility that the law enforcement officers family could be put in danger in an act of revenge, there are people who try to wreck cop cars, run through road blocks, and so on. Regardless, one cannot constantly worry about ‘what- ifs.’ There is an acknowledged risk that comes with the job, but so too is there reward.

To work to minimize the danger, to both police officers, as well as suspects, there are ever- evolving weapons being developed that harm on a less- than- lethal scale. For example, one of the more popularly known items to date is the taser. A taser shoots volts of electricity to disrupt muscle control, ultimately rendering the target temporarily harmless but leaving no lasting damage. There is also the common defense of mace. Utilizing a common form of tear gas, when sprayed in the eyes of a person temporary pain and sightlessness can occur; once again rendering the target momentarily disabled. Of course, there are more types of non- lethal weapons used by police officers today, but these are the most common.

Law enforcement officers, in addition to new weapons, also have access to some of the most cutting edge technology. Not only are their identifications made with handy computers right from the police officers car, there are also networks and databases that can be utilized for up- to- the moment updates in situational changes, arrest warrants, etc… In addition, there are in- car video camera’s so reality can be seen instead of having to rely on a sometimes faulty human memory. Then, of course, there are the ever- improving speed- detection devices; some vehicles can now be seen with them mounted right on the car, giving the most accurate real- time speed available for the law to be upheld.

Regardless of the great things that the law enforcement corps provides, they still have their issues with other agencies, not the least of which is the Homeland Security offices. It is not unusual for movies to depict territorial disputes between local law enforcement and other federal agencies; toes get stepped on and jurisdiction arguments ensue. Still, other than natural competition between the two, everyone knows that they are working for the ‘greater good’ of the law, the nation, and the people there-in.

As for the future of the law enforcement agencies, that can really only be hypothetical’s and assumptions. Still, it makes sense that as technology further advances, so too will the resources of the agencies both in this country and abroad into the international system as well. It may sound like science fiction, but it makes sense that someday there will be a way to scan a suspect for weapons before they are engaged; this would be useful, not only for the officer, but for the suspect as well. There could also be lighter, more complete body amour to limit fatalities on the force. And so on.

The job is one many believe to be dangerous, difficult, long hours and short pay. Regardless there will always be those that step up further protect communities, businesses, etc… People are always better off when they are capable of making informed decisions. By gaining a greater insight into the operations of the law enforcement sector, perhaps more people will take up the job and help create a safer world for everyone.





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