World Literature – Essay Sample

World Literature – Essay Sample

1. Prince’s experience with Mrs. Williams was a fortunate one because Williams was considered a good and kindhearted woman. She was said to treat all her slaves very well. She was also assigned to take care of Mrs. Williams’ daughter, Betsy, who was around her own age. She was considered a playmate more than a slave, and at her young age, she did not really understand her position. Prince considered this the happiest time of her life.

2. Prince’s duties under the household of Captain I—and Mrs. I—were to take care of their cows in the plantation. There was not much information regarding her duties, but her brutal beatings were described well.

3. Prince was flogged under the I—‘s, and once she was hit with a boot in the small of her back. She would describe her bruised and battered body as she waited for her death.

4. Prince worked in salt ponds with Mr. and Mrs. D–, this work was new to her as she had not worked in a salt pond. She states that she spend most of her day half-submerged in water. Her feet and legs became raw because of the salt, and they were soon covered in boils. Other than this, she had to endure the sun all day beating down on her head.

5. The sign that Mr. D—tried to rape Prince was seen after he beat his daughter up. Prince said that after she had helped Miss. D escape, he started licking her, and after a bold statement, he said something most probably obscene because Prince did not want to repeat it.

6. Prince was purchased by Mr. Wood from Mr. D—just before Wood travelled to Antigue.

7. Mrs. Wood became upset with Prince for getting married. It is stated that she asked Mr. Wood to flog her with a horsewhip because of this. Mrs. Wood was said to always abuse Prince because of Prince’s husband.

8. Daniel James was Prince’s husband. The Woods did not like him because they were possessive with Prince and did not want her to get married.

9. Prince’s treatment in England was not any better than her treatment in the West Indies. Prince’s mistress had warned her that she would not be given any special treatment in England, and she stayed true to her word.

10. Prince’s freedom was secured with the help of other people. Her freedom could not have been possible without the Anti-Slavery Society. There were times when her freedom could have said to have been bought, but if it was not for the society, she would never have gained freedom.





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