Religion in the Family – Essay Sample

Religion in the Family – Essay Sample


Religion is a set of beliefs, usually referred to as the belief in a god or gods (“Religion”, 2010). The role of religion in the family is a crucial one since it is one belief which rules of the household are usually based on. Religion sets up one’s beliefs and ethics, these things can affect the characteristics of a person. According to Keister (2008) religion is directly related to family values and how they see economics. Research shows that more theological families base their finances on religion which affects the entire household. A family’s values are directly related to religion, if religion is present in the household. The intersection of family life in religion is important to families in society (“Religion and Family Composition”, 2010). A number of households are run by grounded religious attitudes. It acts as a heritage, and is something which gets passed on along through the generations. However, there are certain family situation which deviate from this, whereas a family member is rebellious of the religious practices present in the household; although this paper refers to the families who share the same belief or religion. Research has shown that the role of religion tightens bonds within the family (Heyrman, 2008). According to Pavone (n.d.) religion makes a difference within the family in terms of stabalized ethics and beliefs.


The sample chosen is a Hispanic girl in her teenage years, living in what can be classified as a family-oriented household. She lives with her parents who are in their late forties, an older brother who is in his early twenties and their grandmother who is in her early seventies. The participants live in a small town, a suburban environment. They practice Catechism and pray together before meals, before going to bed, and the grandmother of the household regular prays the rosary. The participants attend mass every Sunday, and are very close friends with their local priest and other parishioners. The participants were chosen because of their house-hold set up as well as their cultural background, being dominated by Catholics. Religion is not only a part of their lives, it reflects in their culture.


Data was gathered through the means of a face-to-face interview as well as observations in the household. The questions asked revolved around family matters and religion. Questions such as how religion plays a role in the family and what the bases of implementing household rules are. The participants were asked in a group interview.


The participants reveal that religion is a very important part of their family as well as their daily lives. This can be seen throughout their household, which is decorated with religious artifacts adorning the walls and door frames. The participants state that it is their religion as well as their beliefs which keep their family together and safe at all times. It keeps them united and close as a family and is something all of them share as a part of their culture and heritage.

The participants state that they attend mass every Sunday morning as a family, and their entire Sunday is devoted to “family time”. They pray together, for each other and they do this before meals, before bed time and during times of “need”.






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