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The American Nurses Association provides a voice for the nursing community throughout the United States by addressing issues that are relevant to professional nurses, regardless of their capacity. Political awareness is also of critical importance to nurses, because there are significant newsworthy events that continue to spark many debates throughout the healthcare field in a variety of areas. Although nurses are not politicians, they nonetheless possess a strong voice and a commitment to maintaining the highest possible level of quality and support of patients throughout the healthcare industry (Abood, 2007). Therefore, nurses must remain well informed and supportive of the different elements of political action and legislation that influence patient care and related outcomes (Abood, 2007).

In many ways, nurses are heavily involved in the debates that are associated with political legislation that directly impact quality of care and treatment in healthcare facilities throughout the United States (Abood, 2007). These efforts are instrumental because they enable nurses to have a greater voice in supporting a variety of patient care needs by encouraging political leaders to take the problems of healthcare very seriously, and to recognize the importance of quality in all areas of patient care (Abood, 2007). Organizations such as the American Nurses Association possess the leadership and the tools that are necessary to support political action in favor of cost efficiencies in healthcare, but not at the expense of quality or the compromise of patient care (Abood, 2007). Therefore, it is important for nurse leaders acting on behalf of all professional nurses to take the steps that are necessary to support political action in favor of improvements across the healthcare industry that will positively impact nursing practice (Abood, 2007).

Organizations such as the American Nurses Association provide an opportunity for the voices of nurses to be heard to maximize high quality patient care and treatment in all areas of healthcare (Abood, 2007). Within this framework, effective nursing policy is essential to the success of nursing practice and in providing excellence in patient care, and therefore, nurses must be provided with a public forum and a voice to be heard (Abood, 2007). Since nursing is perhaps one of the most influential components of healthcare, it is important for nurse leaders to have an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with political leaders to ensure that healthcare practice is supported and acknowledged for its essential contributions to modern society (Abood, 2007).

These efforts also demonstrate that nurses supporting a unified voice through an organization that supports their cause is likely to achieve greater success in being heard and recognized (Abood, 2007). Since governments play a critical role in shaping healthcare through their support of programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, there must be a continuous and organized effort in place for the voices of nurses to be heard, and to recognize that they make many memorable and indelible contributions to patient care and treatment on a daily basis, including but not limited to the American Nurses Association. Therefore, their contributions and perspectives must be involved in any political decisions that are made on behalf of the healthcare industry, as well as any other factors that provide a framework for supporting the needs and opportunities of nurses in support patient care and overall wellbeing for all patients.

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