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There are countless organizations, both political and professional, that play integral roles in health care and nursing associations.  Professional associations can help nurses and other healthcare professionals to manage their careers in many ways.  They can offer in-service education, listing of current positions, opportunities for networking with other professionals, and licensing or certifications (Professional Health Association Websites, 2011.) In addition, joining such an organization can provide a more concentrated focus on the nursing or healthcare career as well as allowing a professional to stay current with the most recent news and developments regarding his or her profession.  Finally, they offer an invaluable chance to have contact with other clinicians who perform the same sort of work and so, share the same sorts of worries and concerns, as well as the joys, that characterize the helping professions (Professional Organizations.) Some of the major organizations for nurses and other healthcare providers are: the American Nurses Association, The American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association and The National Association of Social Workers.

In addition, because it is crucial that healthcare providers are represented when healthcare policy is being formulated, organizations such as The Nursing Organizations Alliance are formed.  The Alliance teaches nurses about the legislative process and the ways in which they can influence healthcare policy so that it can reflect the values of the profession (Jardin, 2001.) The nursing profession aims to promote values that support individualized patient care and coordination of that care between healthcare professionals.  As a result, it is vital that their input is utilized when policy is formed so that the profession’s knowledge and expertise are joined with the political process to form quality healthcare laws that are also cost-effect.

In addition, the recent attention and action given to forming in reforming Health Care policy has given rise to the formation of such groups as Health Care for American Now.  This organization is a grassroots effort including more than 1000 networks in 46 states that represent 30,000,000 people whose mission is devoted to establishing quality, affordable health care.  The organization is a political movement that is aimed at mobilizing people locally to lobby their senators and representatives to take a strong stand with the insurance companies and other special interest groups in order to achieve their goals beginning in 2010 and lasting well into the future (About Us, 2009.)

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