Hispanic American Diversity – Essay Sample

Hispanic American Diversity – Essay Sample

Hispanic Americans are one of the fastest-growing and culturally diverse populations in the United States today. The common assumption that many Hispanic Americans come from similar backgrounds or hold similar beliefs is, in essence, completely incorrect. The term ‘Hispanic American’ encompasses a wide range of individuals originating from many countries and cultures.

First of all, not all Hispanic Americans come from the same country. Central American and Caribbean nations from which Hispanic immigrants travel include: Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other, smaller islands in the Caribbean. Hispanic American can also come from South American countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and more. Usually, the term ‘Hispanic Americans’ does not include immigrants from Spain; it is used primarily to refer to individuals originating from Central and South America.

Language is another diverse factor in Hispanic American heritage. Many believe Spanish to be the most widely spoken language amongst this ethnic group. However, English, Portuguese, and other native languages are also spoken. Even though the Spanish language is common amongst this population, different Spanish dialects (such as Mexican Spanish) are also individualized to certain Hispanic Americans.

Hispanic American cultures, while holding certain similarities, are also diverse. For example, not all Hispanic Americans hold to the same religion. Many are Christian, but they can be either Roman Catholic or a member of a Protestant sect. Other Hispanic Americans may not be religious or choose a non-Christian religion. Personal values, ethics and gender roles also depend on the specific culture and upbringing of a Hispanic American. For example, many South American cultures prize family relations above all else, and a focus on the family as a ‘unit’ is an integral part of their culture. In the Mexican culture specifically, men are still typically dominant over women.

The culture of a Hispanic American also depends on how assimilated to American culture the individual is. Puerto Ricans, for example, are typically much more aligned with American culture than Venezuelans. In the same way, first-generation immigrants are less likely to be adapted to American culture than third, fourth or fifth generations born in the country, even though they are all considered Hispanic Americans.

Hispanic Americans are also diverse when it comes to economic status, education levels and careers. They can be rich or poor, non-educated or college-educated, white-collar or blue-collar. Overall, they are one of the most richly diverse of all American ethnic groups.





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