Archaeology in Hawaii – Essay Sample

Archaeology in Hawaii – Essay Sample

Hawaiian archipelago consists of seven main islands located in the north central part of the Pacific Ocean in the tropics (19-22 ° latitude). This is a chain of volcanic peaks that are separated from the mainland and other islands. In the center of each island, a hill slopes abruptly and is cut off by the sea.

Several large, prominent shrines called heiau survived on each of the Hawaiian islands. The most essential monument is the huge stone wall in Honaunau on the Big Island. It encloses a certain area, which served as a refuge from their enemies. The heiau is adjacent to this wall. This place is considered to be a national monument and it shows high evidence of the high cultural level of the ancient inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. Since 1950, archaeological excavations were carried out on all major islands of the archipelago. They could determine the radiocarbon data, showing that the islands had been conquered thousand years ago. They also found hundreds of artifacts in reliably stratified and professionally investigated settlements. Based on these findings, the researches came to conclusion that the culture of Hawaii has undergone only minor changes since the beginning. These materials also suggested that culture came from the area of the Tahiti Island.
The Hawaiian kingdom was created by Europeans and their military technology and was organized by the European model. It had left a rich documentary heritage, depicting the rapid social and economic changes, as well as many aspects of the traditional way of life.

Archaeological evidence of the development of the Hawaiian society is not very rich. The conducted research focused on the cataloging of archaeological sites, many of which are known from historical documents.
Talking about shrines it is necessary to mention that they can be found on all major islands. Unfortunately, many Hawaiian places of interest that have historical or religious value are brittle and fragile.

The most ancient temple of Maui is called Heyo. This temple, located in the Kahane garden, was built in the XIII century and is considered to be the largest ancient place of worship throughout Polynesia. Kahane garden is one of the best botanical gardens in Hawaii that can be explored for several days.

The most sacred place on the Big Island of Hawaii (Big Island) is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – here Mauna Loa is situated, the largest and most active volcano in the world. There is also the Kilauea – the legendary home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. She is a pivotal figure when it comes to the sacred culture of the archipelago. In addition to the sacred volcano, this park is full of archaeological sites, among the most fascinating of which is the field of petroglyphs. An Archaeological Park Kaunolu is also an attractive spot for archeologists. It is located on Lanai Island. One may find the foundations of houses, burial places, temples, fishing villages there.





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