Abortion problem – Essay Sample

Abortion problem – Essay Sample

Abortion can be termed as the termination of pregnancy which involves its expulsion of the fetus from the uterus resulting to its death. Abortion can be therapeutic-which is done to preserve the life /health of the mother and can also be elective. The elective abortion is done for any other reason apart from preserving life of the mother. On the other hand as defined by many countries, murder is the unlawful killing of another person with malice or aforethought (Andrew, 2005). Allowing abortion will reduce mental health complications, diseases, unexpected deaths and will led to better way of raising children.

Most people have tried to convince the mass why women should not abort. In my discussion, take a different stance and discuss why women should be allowed to abort. As mentioned earlier, there is therapeutic abortion which in most cases will be even recommended by the doctors when the life of the mother is in danger. Some women with other health complications like heart, kidney and high blood pressure might be endangering their life and that of the baby. It would be therefore paramount to save one life than to lose both (Forrest, J.D. & Torres, 2003)

Women are considered by some people to be more prone to harassment as compared to their counterpart men. This has seen women being more sexually harassed leading to rape of young girls. During such circumstances, a girl/woman will have no control over the rapist and in such scenarios; the best thing would be to abort. There will be no meaning of bringing up a child who will not know the father and who will act as a reminder of the misfortune the mother went through as she was raped. This can actually cause a lot of mental stress to the mother whereby if she won’t be strong enough to deal with it; it can cause other diseases and complications to the mother.

Some children who are the products of incest not only make the mother stressed but also the man who was responsible. To avoid this, abortion should be allowed and should not be associated with murder. When it is legalized, people would afford to attend qualified people to do it unlike now where so many people die trying to abort due to the facts that they depend on quacks to perform it who don’t have relevant skills to do it. Abortion will furthermore help in bringing out children in a comfortable manner whereby the parents can afford to cater for the needs of the child they get for they will have planned for (Shaddy, 2007).

To conclude, abortion is not bad and should be legalized so that people can be able to choose their destiny and making sure the children are brought up in a comfortable manner. Also to safeguard the health an d life of the mother, the honorable thing will be to permit abortion to enable women have less stress from unwanted babies.





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