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Air Carrier Certificate: The Holy Grail of Airlines – Essay Sample

The Air Carrier Certificate is considered to be the Holy Grail of airlines due to the intense application process that must be completed before the certificate is issued. It is a quest that can only be undertaken by those companies … Full sample


Flight 191 Demanded a Change in Aviation Regulations – Essay Sample

Many people possess a fear of flying, due partially to lack of control and partially because of the horrific accidents that have claimed so many people’s lives. Truth be told, there is a much greater chance of someone dying in … Full sample


The March Field Air Museum – Essay Sample

Introduction The March Air Museum is located just off Interstate 215 south of San Bernardino in California. The museum is home to 700 historic aircraft and was constructed in 1993. The building reflects the aircraft hangar of early aviation days. … Full sample

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JetBlue Airways: Transforming the Aviation Industry – Essay Sampe

The aviation industry has been in decline for many decades.  This has resulted in labour disputes, a lack of customer satisfaction and a loss of orders for many airlines.  A new concept of the low budget airline has started to … Full sample


Airplane Crash (EgyptAir 990): Oversight or Blindness? – Essay Sample

Egypt Air Flight 990 departed from Cairo and never reached its destination, New York City, but crashed in Massachusetts in 1999. The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation revealed rampant miscommunication- both during the flight itself and after its crash. The … Full sample

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